Holiday Kau Kau Box Page

Celebrate the Holidays
with Kau Kau Box

The holidays are here! Celebrate the season local style with Kau Kau Box; we’re bringing you gift certificates, specialty pies, and private gourmet dinners in the comfort of your home. Our holiday treats include:

Gift Certificates

Tis the season! Scores of companies are choosing Kau Kau Box Gift Certificates to appreciate their employees and customers - a gift that is local, elevated and delicious.

Specialty Pies

Leave the baking to Kau Kau Box this season; our talented pastry chefs will delight your sweet tooth with selections of freshly baked pies. Choose from Apple Banana Cream Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Chocolate Chess Pie.

Premium Celebration Box

Don’t feel comfortable going out to celebrate the holidays? Bring a gourmet chef into your home with Kau Kau Box. In the Premium Kau Kau Box, you’ll experience an elaborate feast fit for 8 people, with elevated and customized options. Our proteins, starches, vegetables and desserts are prepared in vacuum-sealed bags, allowing you to experience a fresh and flavorful meal in 10 minutes or less without losing the quality of a top-rated meal by Chef Chai.