Supporting Local

Kau Kau Box was founded on a commitment to supporting local. Designed to serve the people of Hawaii in an unprecedented time of need, Kau Kau Box was designed to bring food to families, support local businesses, keep hospitality professionals working, and help the local community stay healthy.

Kau Kau Box is made up of four local entities—Gourmet Events Hawaii, Chef Thomas Naylor of Ke Nui Kitchen and Oahu Fresh. We’re proud to partner with dozens of local companies like Aloun Farms, Counter Culture Organic Farms, Kunia Country Farms, Sugarland Growers, and Eggs Hawaii, along with local fishermen, box companies, hospitality workers, and others, bringing them our business and providing them with additional revenue during this difficult times.

When you purchase a Kau Kau Box, you’re doing more than just feeding your family. You’re making a statement of support—support for local businesses, small companies, and for the wider Hawaii community.