Kau Kau Box Lite Vegetarian December 1st

  • $95.00


Zaatar Spiced Focaccia Bread
with Sea Salt Whipped Butter (Contains Gluten, Dairy & Seeds)

Toast zaatar spiced focaccia bread. Spread the sea salt whipped butter evenly across bread.
Aloun Farms Tomato Gazpacho
with Croutons, Kamelua Cucumber, and Ewa Roasted Corn (Contains Gluten)

Open the container and enjoy!

Local Vegetable Curry
with Eggplant, Long Beans, Zucchini, Tofu, Bell Pepper and Coconut Milk (Contains Peppers, Gluten & Sulfites)

Stove Top:

  • Fill a large pot with water. Bring to a rolling boil. 
  • Reduce to a simmer and carefully add the sous vide bags of vegetable curry, vegetables, and rice to the simmering water.
  • Be cautious of cook time because each item is to be removed at varying times. Allow vegetables to simmer for 3 minutes and rice to simmer for 2 minutes. To prepare the vegetable curry, simmer for 6 minutes.
  • At the appropriate time, remove each item from the water and allow to cool for 1 minute prior to opening.


  • Remove the vegetable curry, vegetables, and rice sous vide bags from the refrigerator and make a small 1" slice in each.
  • Microwave the vegetable 2.5 minutes, rice and vegetables for 1.5 minutes.
  • These numbers are based on a 1100w microwave and may vary slightly depending on your appliance.
  • Open each bag, plate and enjoy!

Flourless Chocolate Cake
with Cocoa Nibs & Fresh Berries (Contains Dairy & Cocoa)

Open the container and enjoy!